Pretty little hotel with very pretty birds in the garden

We visited the pretty little hotel Casa San Francisco a couple of blocks from our home here. We liked what we saw so another day we went there for lunch. That turned out to be very entertaining: a couple of children were taking the birds out of their cages and letting them play in the garden. We found out that our table was part of the garden. There are two toucans: Gallo and Pinto (Gallo Pinto is the national Nicaraguan dish: rice and beans). Gallo was out and about, and posing for us. The two small green parrots were all over the place – including all over Lois. In fact, Lois needed assistance from one of the hotel people to get this sweet parrot to return to the garden rather than ride home on Lois’s shoulder. The other parrot (less sweet) had an unhealthy interest in Lois’s jewelry.