Leading from the Central Park and the Cathedral down to the lakefront, Calle La Calzada is Granada's finest boulevard. At least it is in the process of becoming that. For several years the project has been under way to make it a semi-pedestrian mall. The center is still available for slow one-way vehicle traffic, but most of the broad avenue is given to sidewalks (with lots of cafes), planters, and decorative paving. It is certainly gracious, where the work is done, in the first two blocks. And the work is proceeding at a good pace to finish the next two blocks. Next La Calzada comes to the Guadalupe church, where the layout changes - it is a two-lane tree-lined boulevard from there to the park along the lakefront. In this segment our friend Imelda bought her lot - where she needed to begin by building a bridge from the street over the storm drain to her lot. She completed that bridge work while we were here - the photo shows the result.