Kayaking on Lake Cocibolca

Granada lies on the west side of Lake Cocibolca (aka Lake Nicaragua) - over 3000 square miles, and over 100 miles long. Walking south along the lakefront, in a kilometer or so you come to the peninsula Asese that juts southeast into the lake. The peninsula is surrounded with a cloud of tiny islands (“isletas”), mostly covered with tropical forest and swamp. The claim is that there are 365 of these islands. It is popular to take boat trips in and among the passages between the islands and between the islands and the peninsula. There are launches (motor driven) with pilot/guides available. We took a kayak tour instead. It was a bit adventurous, since you have to start out in somewhat open water before entering the passages – and this is windy season, so there are whitecaps on the lake. But the kayaks are great – Don got a slight dunking right at the start, but everything was OK after that.


Another kayak visit to the Isletas de Granada, this time just the two of us in one kayak. Note the cattle swimming in the lake to graze on the islands!