Bicycling and relaxing along the shore of Lake Cocibolca

Lake Cocibolca shore

A main street in Granada (Calle La Calzada) is gradually being converted to a very attractive pedestrian street. A ten-minute walk out from downtown along La Calzada takes you to the shore of Lake Colcibolca, arriving at the gardens next to the dock. From there the road goes along the shore to the south, leading through a developed area called “Centro Turistico” – with beaches, kiosks, cafes, bars, etc. Beyond the Centro Turistico, there are more beaches and the occasional bar or kayak rental place, until the end of the road where we took off on our kayak tour through the isletas. Just before the end, though, there is a road off away from the beach through the forest, winding up at a couple of marinas and resorts – including our favorite, “Villas Mombacho”. We ride along the shore most days – Lois never misses – and on some days we go all the way to Villas Mombacho, where we relax on the terraces with a coffee or a cold drink. Is this the life, or what?

The boat arrives early on a couple of mornings a week, with produce from Ometepe and other goods from other places. The unloading on the long dock sometimes uses trucks, other times uses rail cars (human propelled). The road along the lakeshore heading north from the dock is unpaved and largely undeveloped.