We then joined the procession again, and walked about 2 miles into Diriamba. The Pan American Highway was lined on both sides with merry makers. There were dozens of bands playing, many of them about 3 feet apart. Most of the bands included a marimba and a conga player, often with timbales as well. People were eating and drinking. Vendors with carts full of Tonya beer were doing a great business (Carazo state appears to be Tonya country, no Victoria beer in sight.) The road was filled with horses, bicycles, pedicabs, scooter cabs, vendors of all sorts, and walkers. It was pretty chaotic, but folks were very jolly. When we finally got to Diriamba, we were able to watch various groups of dancers performing.

And we watched the three saints enter the church. By this time it was dark, and we wanted to get back to the hotel. We were happy to find a scooter cab who took us back for the festival-special price of 40 C.