On Friday, we went back east from Jalpan to the archeological site Tancama. Again the instructions neglected to mention the long and extremely rough dirt road we needed to traverse to get there. But we were rewarded: the place is quite beautiful and very interesting to explore, with helpful details provided in the markers. We learned of the local Pame people using cranial deformation. And that they received Manta Ray spines from coastal peoples to use in jewelry. The site flourished about 500 C.E.

Our last stop in the Sierra Gorda was the Misión of Landa, the fourth one we visited during this trip. The fifth is at Concá; Lois and I visited there in 2010.

On our way back to Querétaro we stopped by yet another Pueblo Magico, Bernal, to enjoy gorditas at our favorite place in Bernal: Gorditas de Doña Coco.