We're very pleased to notice some improvements in the public art in Querétaro this year. At least new to us. Here are some examples:

The sculpture of the Querétaro poet Francisco Cervantes (with Don at his side) is not new (see http://bit.ly/1BvZizl), but the addition of his pet cat is new. And he has shifted to a different bench in front of the Museo de la Ciudad. The latest sculpture , of Prof. Eduardo Loarca Castillo, past Director of the Music Conservatorio and the Museo Regional, just appeared in front of the Conservatorio. Another local culture hero, the painter Julio Castillo, is being honored with an enormous retrospective exhibition in the Museo de la Ciudad. The plaza at the southern entrance to the Alameda Hidalgo has been recreated as the "Plaza of the Family" with a sculpture to match. And the formerly horrendous crossing of the main avenue there (Constituyentes) has been re-engineered and is now very family-friendly.

Prof. Eduardo Loarca Castillo