We've enjoyed some impressive new art shows so far in 2015 in Querétaro:

Julio Castillo - a Querétaro resident for an important part of his career. To honor him on the 10th anniversary of his death in 2004, the local authorities began assembling a massive collection of his work. That now forms an impressive exhibition at the Museo de la Ciudad.

Sergio Guerra, photographer: The Centro Educativo y Cultural del Estado - Manuel Gómez Morin presents the exhibition "Herero, ancestral shepherds of Angola" between February 06 and April 6, 2015. An exhibition now visited by over 300 thousand people between Brazil, Angola, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Fabulous work by a Brazilian photographer who has studied these semi-nomadic people in Angola in great depth.

A new shop on the new andador Madero has a lovely exhibit of Huichol art including this piece from Real de Catorce: