Today, Friday, January 29, we hopped a bus for the 30 minute ride to the town of Pedro Escobedo, 30 km. east of Queretaro. We had not visited this town before. The Queretaro tourist office has a small brochure on Pedro Escobedo, which mentions a cute little church. We did visit that tiny church right on the main plaza. But we also visited the Parroquia of St. Maria of Guadalupe, a very large church built in 1992 a few blocks east of the plaza. Wow. What stained glass! And mosaic images for the stations of the cross (one is pictured here - the baptism of Jesus by John). Across the way is a beautiful tree in bloom (don't know the name), and nearby we had an excellent seafood dinner at the Costa Marinera restaurant. Walking around town we noticed a prominently placed monument to a teacher - statue shows her with two pupils. The inscription reads "Maestra Herlinda Garcia Lafeyrete: the people and the authorities of Pedro Escobedo accomplish with this monument her fondest desire: to be among us." Proably the most touching tribute to a teacher we've seen. Pedro Escobedo is not a remarkable place; no real tourist attractions, but still a delight.