Las Pozas is a surrealist sculpture garden, among other things, located near the village of Xilitla, in San Luis Potosi state, some 150 miles north and east of Querétaro. We had never heard of Las Pozas until Sharon and Harry visited us in Querétaro in January and brought along articles describing this wonderful place. It is not easy to get to, so it took us a while to arrange a visit. Finally last weekend we made it, courtesy of a PromoTur 4-day tour we shared with a family from Mexico City. Our guide and driver, Ezequiel, was expert and congenial. We saw a number of other attractions during the tour -- especially 4 of the 5 Franciscan missions that are such an important part of the heritage of the Sierra Gorda. But the combination of fantastic sculpture/architecture with the lush tropical rain forest of the Huasteca region of San Luis Potosi made Las Pozas an unforgettable part of this season in Mexico.

There are extensive details about the origin and history of Las Pozas at these websites, especially including some of the story of the amazing Edward James, the artist and poet who was responsible for the creation of Las Pozas.

Recent developments include acquisition of the site by a foundation, with the prospects for improvements in the maintenance and preservation of Las Pozas. These articles document some of the changes: