Welcome to the Querétaro Guest House, our home for this winter. The entrance from the street is more attractive than most – especially with Lois opening the door to welcome you in.

Once in the patio, you’ll see the living room and kitchen on the left., and the master bedroom on the right. The stairs at the back of the patio lead up to more living space and bedrooms.

Upstairs, there is a sitting area with doors opening to a shallow balcony over the street. There are two real bedrooms (and also a small third bedroom), as well as a bathroom. With a full moon shining down on us, the balcony is the perfect place to eat ice cream in January.

The only weak point of the house is the bathrooms – small and basic.

In fact, when we discovered that the upper window in the downstairs bathroom was rusted in the open position, we asked the landlord to see if it could be fixed so it would close. He sent the Maestro (Mexican term for masters of all trades) who diagnosed the problem, and returned with arc welding equipment. He did a terrific job, and now the window will open and close (well, close enough).