We keep on meeting wonderful people here in Querétaro. On our first visit in 2009 we met Any (pronounced Ahnnie) at many of the concerts and open air performances we attended. She is a great dancer and we connected that way. She sells peanuts at many events. She is a great supporter of our danzon dancing. We met Charlie this year through our volunteer efforts at El Puente de Esperanza. He and his wife Juliet are Peace Corps Volunteers here and lots of fun to be with.  We met the Cotts at open air concerts and got to visit the house they have just finished remodelling here - they live the rest of the year in Kansas. Beautiful place. Enrique and Sylvia are good friends from our danzon group. Martin is a second year student at the TEC de Monterrey here, and a resident of the El Puente group home. He is very smart and learns web techniques quickly. Ricardo is a dancer -- he and Any are frequently the best dance pair on the floor. Ruben teaches our danzon class and does the choreography for the presentations the group does. He is an excellent teacher and of course a great dancer. See the page on our visit to the ex-hacienda museum for photos of our best friends here, Agustin and Lupita.