We enjoyed a brief visit to San Miguel de Allende where we stayed in the guest room at the beautiful house rented by Dee and Ron for 6 weeks this winter. Up high on Cuesta de San José, Azteca, the house features wonderful views of the city, along with delightful architecture. We were treated to a fabulous sunset Friday evening, and then the beautiful hot air balloons first thing Saturday morning. [Be sure to scroll down for more photos!]


We toured some superb art and artesania spots with Dee and Ron, including the Fabrica La Aurora, new to us.



A special treat was dinner Friday night at Las Posaditas, our favorite restaurant in SMA, where we had a table at the edge of the rooftop terrace, enabling us to get an excellent view of the street festivities below, with the famous Parroquia church in the background.



On Saturday, we toured some more special spots in town, and had a delicious lunch at the Tianguis Organicos market. The final photo shows San Jude, occupying the spot in the bus back to Queretaro where a fire extinguisher might have served out its term.