Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre, Bolivia
January - April 2007
Don and Lois Porter 2007 album
Photo of arch from main square, Sucre Welcome to the story in pictures of our visit to Bolivia in 2007. We arrived in La Paz on a flight from Miami on Friday, January 12, 2007. Our connecting flight to Sucre was delayed by weather, but we still arrived in Sucre that same evening. We will be based in Sucre until our return to Schenectady, New York, in mid-April. These images and accompanying narratives and descriptions will help us share our adventure with friends and family. We hope you all enjoy the account, and perhaps we will find some new friends who discover us by way of these pages.

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Villa de la Plata This is our home away from home - the guest house Villa de la Plata with our comfortable 2 bedroom apartment.
Casa de la Libertad The most historic building in Sucre, the "House of Liberty", was the site of Bolivia's independence declaration and first national government.
Plaza 25 de Mayo The heart of Sucre is the Plaza 25 de Mayo.
Hostal Santa Cruz Our first lodging in Sucre was at the Hostal Santa Cruz for three days while we waited for our apartment to be ready.
Tarabuco We visited the Tarabuco Sunday market, some 90 minutes by bus from Sucre, the first chance we got.
Kantu Nucchu Photos from a delightful visit to Kantu Nucchu, hosted by Don Patricio Marion.
San Felipe Neri The beautiful church and convent of San Felipe Neri, featuring a fabulous rooftop with great views.
Castillo La Glorieta The "little castle" built 5 miles outside of Sucre by Prince and Princess Argandoña
La Recoleta Church and convent overlooking Sucre.
Parque Simon Bolivar Beautiful and carefully maintained park.
Parque Cretácico Dinosaur tracks from the Cretaceous - complete with impressive life-size replicas.
Prevention Parade Parade to encourage safe behavior during Carnaval.
Oruro Carnaval Carnaval in Oruro - the most splendiferous parade we've ever seen.
Incamachay Day trip into the mountains 40 km from Sucre to visit the rock art at Incamachay.
Elefantes Volunteer work at the orphanage Hogar Tata Juan de Dios: the elephant song
Copacabana Town on the shores of Lake Titicaca, connection point for Isla del Sol
Isla del Sol The wonderful island in Lake Titicaca, where the Sun was born, ancestor of the Incas.
Pujllay Celebration of "Pujllay" at the Jumbate battleground near Tarabuco.
Potosi The legendary city of Potosi, source of mountains of silver.
Mookie Pookie Volunteer work at the orphanage Hogar Tata Juan de Dios: the Mookie Pookie song
Inka Trail Another hike in the mountains, on the Inka Trail, and a visit to Potolo.
Tarabuco Palm Sunday Another visit to Tarabuco, this time on Palm Sunday

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