photos by Don and Lois Porter

On February 5, we took first a colectivo (a big shared taxi: a van that waits until it is full and then takes people to their common destination) and then a local bus to arrive in Amatenango del Valle, a town famous for the pottery made by its women. It is also famous, at least locally, for being a matriarchal society. The town was fairly deserted, since it is small and there was no market or other celebration in progress. We wandered about town, and received offers from 4 or 5 women or girls to sell us pottery. We went with a couple of them into their houses where they showed us their wares. We bought a couple of small items, including a pot to boil our coffee in -- we've used it every day since.

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Amatenango pottery Amatenango post office At play in the plaza Plaza with kiosk and church

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