El Centro
photos by Don and Lois Porter

Some more new photos have been added to the original few (from 1/13) and the second group (from 1/27). As we get other photos around the "centro historico" we'll continue to add them here.

P1110013 P1130006 P1250017 PICT0006
Catedral (1/13) Hotel Patio (1/13) Merced church (1/27) El Zocalo (1/27)
PICT0008 PICT0009 PICT0011 PICT0021
Andador (pedestrian street) (1/27) Casa Mazariego (oldest building, 1530s) (1/27) Arcos de Carmen (1/13) Looking south from El Cerrillo (1/27)
rP2080008 rPICT0008 rPICT0009 sPICT0019
Amber Museum Mayan Head (2/20) Amber Museum Iron Cross (2/20) Amber Museum Marimba (2/20) Dominican ex-Convent (2/20)
tP2030041 tP2060002    
Cat in Thai restaurant (2/20) House plant in restaurant (2/20)

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