Chiapa de Corzo
Don and Lois Porter

Chiapa de Corzo, founded by the ubiquitous conquistador Diego de Mazariego in 1528, is the oldest Spanish settlement in Chiapas. Located only 10 miles from Tuxtla Guttierez, the sprawling ugly modern capital, it is a charming mestizo town. The Mudejar (hispano-moorish architecture) "Pila" (fountain) in the plaza is the trademark of the city. It was built from 1562 to 1584 under the direction of a Dominican monk, Rodrigo de Leon. Nearby on the edge of the huge central plaza is the big ceiba tree, grown from a branch of the tree that marked the spot where Mazariego founded the town. The other architectural claim to fame in Chiapa de Corzo is the church and convent of Santo Domingo, built in the second half of the 16th century. In the cloisters of the convent are now located the cultural center, the museum of Laca (lacquerware), and another museum. Launches to tour the Sumidero Canyon leave from the town dock.

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La Granadilla Chiapaneca Parachico The Pila
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Church of Santo Domingo from plaza Church of Santo Domingo Cloisters, ex-convent of Santo Domingo Cloisters
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Cloisters Cloister Quetzalcoatl in lacquer museum Cloister
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Flower market Flower market Archway facing plaza Fruit market
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Pila, church, and cliffs Ceiba tree

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