Marimba Concert and Contest
Don Porter

On February 28, 2002 the regional competition for the highlands region of Chiapas was held in San Cristóbal to select the marimba groups to go to the statewide "Concurso" (contest) in Tuxtla Gutierrez the following week. The Casa de la Cultura of San Cristóbal was the host for the event, which took place in the Teatro Daniel Zebaúda in the heart of San Cristóbal. Marimba groups from the Casa de la Cultura, along with other groups from Casas de la Cultura in surrounding towns, were invited to perform as part of the event, without necessarily participating in the competition. The groups formed by each of the classes that Lois attends performed. She performed with the classical group, led by Hector Diaz López. The other group, led by Faustino López Martínez, played pieces that they had developed before we arrived, so Lois did not play with them. The competition proceeds in three classes - children, adolescents, and adults. In each class, there was only one competitor in the San Cristóbal region: the children's group from Zinacantán, the adolescents from Teopisco, and the Municipal Marimba Band of San Cristóbal in the open class. Each group therefore continued to the state finals in Tuxtla. The Municipal group was of course excellent, but the youngsters from Teopisco totally stole the show. Lois's class did an excellent job, including some fine improvisation (which was part of the plan!).

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Lois' class before performing Lois' class performing Lois' class taking their bow Faustino's class
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The audience Municipal Band

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