El Cerrito and the church of San Cristobal
photos by Don and Lois Porter

The first day we climbed up El Cerrito to the church of San Cristóbal, it was foggy. So we went back again on a fine day to get some photos. El Cerrito with its little church is one of San Cristóbal's two landmark hills-with-churches-on-top (the other is Guadalupe). These two high points overlook the city, and each is visible from the other. The first photo here shows the view from near the top of El Cerrito, with Guadalupe visible in the distance. The little church is pretty simple, and was locked both times we were there. Also featured on the top of El Cerrito is a big flagpole with a huge Mexican flag. El Cerrito offers some fine views of our neighborhood.

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Guadaluple from El Cerrito Church of San Cristóbal Santa Lucia church from El Cerrito Church of San Cristóbal
PICT0020 PICT0028    
Flag atop El Cerrito View of El Cubito from El Cerrito

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