El Cubito
photos by Don and Lois Porter

We were very fortunate to find a nice bungalow to rent by the month. We had identified a couple of possibilities from the guide books. When we asked about them, people immediately recommended "El Cubito". We did look first at another place, closer to the center of town. But El Cubito is only a 15 minute walk from the Zocalo, so it is quite convenient. And in exchange, we get lots of open space all around, with horses grazing in the yard, trees, a pool (actually two pools -- but a bit rundown, and not particularly inviting for swimming), and several streams. Each cabin has two units, with numbers (we're #9) and, in some cases, names (we're "Misol-Ha", which is the name of a famous waterfall near Palenque). It is one large room (about 12 x 22ft) with an enclosed bathroom and a little closet. The caretakers (Enrique, Pablo, and Mari) are very friendly folks. We also met the owner, Ernesto, who was very accomodating. We are going to be happy here. [A few more images added 1/27 and 2/20]

aP1130020 bPICT0014 cPICT0018 dP1120001
Our cabin Our side of the cabin Lawnmowers First fire
eP1130003 fP1130013 P1180001 P1220002
First breakfast First nap Laptop al fresco (1/27) Kitchen (1/27)
P1230031 P2010015 PICT0002 PICT0014
Entrance to El Cubito (1/27) El Cubito dogs (2/20) Burros (2/20) Some of the horses (2/20)

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