Music in Chiapas
photos by Don and Lois Porter

The Casa de la Cultura (Cultural Center) is nearby, next to the Arcos de Carmen. We are a daily presence there. Lois takes marimba lessons every weekday: one hour from an instructor in "popular marimba", and one hour from an instructor in "classical marimba". Don practices piano an hour a day in the piano studio, when it is not being used for class. On February 9, the new director of the Center put on a demonstration ("La Muestra") which had each of the instructors present some of their students performing. Lois and her young German friend Sven were the performers for Hector's classical marimba class. There are sometimes cultural events, often involving school classes, in the auditorium of the Center.

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Don practicing Faustino instructing a student Girls performing at the auditorium Lois, Hector, and Sven performing
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Lois and Sven performing Dancers performing Singer performing Lois practicing
Lois practicing

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