New Marimba for Lois
Don and Lois Porter

After four weeks of marimba lessons, Lois was captivated. We visited the recommended Nandayapa family marimba factory in Chiapa de Corzo, ordered a four-octave marimba, and returned on Saturday February 23 to pick it up. The factory has several workshops within the family house overlooking the Grijalva River (which flows into the Sumidero Canyon a mile or two downstream). We met Carlos and Alejandro Nandayapa, who graciously showed us the workshops. They are of the 3rd generation of Nandayapas making marimbas here. We watched carefully (and documented with photos) as they packed the instrument in its wooden case. Then we brought it back to San Cristobal, unpacked and assembled it, and VOILA! Lois played tunes!! What fun!!

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Lois's marimba at the Nandayapas Workshop Worker making tecomate (resonator) Workshop/showroom
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Alejandro tuning a key Carlos demonstrating Lois's marimba Packing the marimba Lois holding it together as we assemble it
iPICT0005 jPICT0009 kPICT0008  
First tunes Sounding great Is this terrific, or what?

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