Palenque Town
photos by Don and Lois Porter

We arrived in the town of Palenque mid-afternoon Tuesday, after a bus ride of nearly 6 hours from San Cristobal. It was raining, and the last hours on the bus featured pea-soup fog as we wound our way along serpentine mountain roads. We were greeted on our arrival by the Mayan Head, a large sculpture at the entrance to town, inspired by the famous Palenque Head found in the ruins. We found our way to the Hotel Xibalba, where we immediately ate dinner, as we were starving. Wednesday we visited the ruins and the Misol Ha waterfalls. Thursday we had breakfast downtown (see the scruffy view from the restaurant balcony), then got a much better bus ride back to San Cristobal: only 5 hours and fine weather.

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Mayan Head Hotel Xibalba Mujer Ch'ol Downtown

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