Semana Santa Marimba Concert
Don Porter

As part of the celebrations for Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the following Feria de la Primavera y de la Paz (Peace and Spring Fair), there are frequent performances in the central park in front of the Municipal Building. On Tuesday, March 26, some of the workshop classes of the Casa de la Cultura put on performances. Both the classical marimba class (Maestro Hector Diaz Lopez) and the advanced students from the popular marimba workshop (Maestro Faustino Lopez Martinez) performed three pieces each.

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Hector's class Lois, Liseth, Hector

Gisela, Liseth, Lois, Hector
- Playing Bach minuet

Lois & Hector
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Playing Jarre's Oxigeno IV Faustino's class Faustino's class with
Chiapaneca dresses

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