photos by Don and Lois Porter

On Wednesday, January 23, 2002, the highland village of Tenejapa celebrated the Fiesta de San Ildefonso, who is the patron saint of the church in Tenejapa. Tenejapa is about 25km east of San Cristobal. We shared a taxi (with a Mexican woman who teaches in a secondary school in an even more remote village near Tenejapa and with a Swiss-born Canadian woman) to arrive in Tenejapa about 10am. We toured the town (covering every block in a total of half an hour) and watched several processions, with authorities and musicians. We watched the activities in the plaza. We asked permission from an authority to take his photograph (implying a fee). He was very polite, and consulted with his peers. After 10 minutes he came back and apologized, but said no: they don't have a policy yet decided which would allow photographs of any authorities, even for a fee. After more processions and music (and a few fireworks, though not many), we caught another shared taxi back to San Cristobal.

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Church Mural on the plaza Plaza Huddle in Plaza
Backstreet view with chair and fields

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