Antigua Guatemala
photos by Lois and Don Porter

Antigua was the capital of Guatemala - indeed of all of Spanish Central America - from its founding in 1543 until the capital was moved to the present-day Guatemala City in 1773 following an earthquake. During the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries many spectacular buildings were built here. Earthquakes and other disasters have damaged most of them: some are completely restored, some are just ruins, and many are somewhere in between. These photos give a quick glimpse of the city and some of its most famous places.

Update (January 27): We've added a few more photos of scenes around town. On weekends, the hosts of a local steakhouse wander the streets in Renaissance costume inviting people to the restaurant -- Number 10 is a photo of one of them. Number 11 is a photo of an indigenous woman from a nearby town. As Lois was taking scenic photos in Antigua one day, this woman approached her and started a conversation. Lois complemented her on her earrings. Without being either pushy or desperate, the woman offered to sell Lois the earrings. Lois resisted, not wanting to take the woman's earrings from her -- but she insisted, and the price was very reasonable. She was very happy when Lois did buy the earrings. Lois is happy too - she loves them.

01-ParqueCentral1 02-Catedral 03-Arco 04-ParqueCentral2
01-ParqueCentral1.jpg         02-Catedral.jpg         03-Arco.jpg         04-ParqueCentral2.jpg        
05-CasaPopenoe 06-Ayuntamiento 07-CathedralRuins 08-CathdralAngel
05-CasaPopenoe.jpg         06-Ayuntamiento.jpg         07-CathedralRuins.jpg         08-CathdralAngel.jpg        
09-ParqueCentral3 10-SteakHouseGentleman 11-WomanWithEarrings  
09-ParqueCentral3.jpg         10-SteakHouseGentleman.jpg         11-WomanWithEarrings.jpg        

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