La Azotea
photos by Lois and Don Porter

La Azotea is a museum located in Jocotenango, 10 minutes by car/bus north of Antigua. There is a free shuttle bus on the hour from Antigua’s central plaza. We visited the museum on Thursday, January 9. The museum has 3 sections; entry fee is $3. There is a guided tour of the coffee plantation that has been in the same family for 6 generations, culminating in a cup of coffee of course. The Casa K’ojom (Mayan Music) setion has an exhibition of traditional Mayan musical instruments from before and after the arrival of the Spaniards. There is an excellent 17 minute video featuring Mayan landscapes with musical accompaniment. The final section is a series of dioramas displaying the traditional dress and customs of the mayan people. We were fascinated by the shop selling musical instruments and other crafts. We bought a chirimia (the Moorish oboe with cherry wood shaft, and a double reed of palm) as well as two books about Guatemalan marimbas. We resisted the small two-sided leather frame drum called adufa (about 10inches square and 2 ½ inches thick, and very heavy). We loved this museum.

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01-AzoteaEntrance 02-Roaster-19thCentury 03-PatioFlowers1 04-Patio
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05-PatioFlowers2 06-PatioFlowers3 07-LacandonDrum 08-Marimba
05-PatioFlowers2.jpg         06-PatioFlowers3.jpg         07-LacandonDrum.jpg         08-Marimba.jpg        
09-Chirimia 10-Cofradia 11-Santo 12-WeddingDress
09-Chirimia.jpg         10-Cofradia.jpg         11-Santo.jpg         12-WeddingDress.jpg        

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