Las Capuchinas
photos by Lois and Don Porter

Las Capuchinas is the largest and most impressive of the city's convents. The Capuchin nuns, who came from Madrid, founded the fourth convent in the city in 1626. They were granted permission by the authorities, even though there were already three convents, because unlike the other orders the Capuchins allowed women to enter religious life without paying a dowry. The two-story tower or "retreat" is the most unusual aspect of the convent. On its top floor 18 tiny cells are set into the walls, each with an independent sewage system. The lower floor is dominated by a massive pillar that supports the structure. The acoustics down there are wonderul! A gardener noticed us appreciating the flowers and volunteered the names of some of them. Once again we were treated to views of the Fuego Volcano doing its thing.

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01-Cloisters-Bougainvillea 02-Fountain-Bougainvillea 03-Cloisters 04-Butaca
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