Cuaresma (Lent) San Felipe de Jesus
photos by Lois and Don Porter

The village of San Felipe de Jesus is about 1 Km. north of our apartment on the north side of Antigua. We have visited the village several times. The usual view of the inside of the church shows the "Cristo Sepultado" featured at the altar at the front of the nave. For the vigil on the first Saturday of Lent, the entire altar was covered with a different tableau, with an enormous "huerta" covering the front third of the nave. The next day it had all disappeared, and the church was back to its normal appearance.

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03-03-07_11-21-23.jpg         03-03-08_12-16-55.jpg         03-03-08_12-17-08.jpg         03-03-08_12-19-03.jpg        
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See explanation of Cuaresma here.

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