Apartamentos Las Golondrinas
photos by Lois and Don Porter
1/11/2003 - updated 1/27/2003

Here's our home in Antigua. It is a one bedroom apartment in a complex with about 10 apartments of varying sizes. It is modern, almost brand new. The landlord, Daniel Ramirez, is extremely helpful and gracious. He also is a lifelong afficionado of volcanoes, having climbed and led climbs on many of them. We're fortunate to have such a comfortable place, only 4 blocks from the central park.

01-OurApartment 02-kitchen 03-bedroom 04-breakfast
01-OurApartment.jpg         02-kitchen.jpg         03-bedroom.jpg         04-breakfast.jpg        
05-livingroom 06-garden1 07-study 08-orchids
05-livingroom.jpg         06-garden1.jpg         07-study.jpg         08-orchids.jpg        

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