Mariposario Antigua
photos by Lois and Don Porter

From La Azotea, we walked 15 minutes down the road to the Mariposario Antigua. For 15 Quetzales apiece, we got a guided tour from Fernando (12 years old), who knew all the details of the butterflies. Scientific names, popular names, how long each stage of development and adult life last, how they eat, hear, and smell. Some lovely butterflies, and also great flowers – one called the Flor de Pavo ("Turkey Flower").


01-Mariposa1 02-Fernando 03-Mariposa2 04-Mariposa3
01-Mariposa1.jpg         02-Fernando.jpg         03-Mariposa2.jpg         04-Mariposa3.jpg        
05-Mariposa4 06-Mariposa5 07-MariposaBuho 08-FlorDePavo
05-Mariposa4.jpg         06-Mariposa5.jpg         07-MariposaBuho.jpg         08-FlorDePavo.jpg        

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