Casa Popenoe
photos by Lois and Don Porter

Casa Popenoe is a superbly restored colonial mansion originally built in 1634 by the Spaniard Don Luis de las Infantes Mendoza who came to Antigua to act as the supreme court judge. It was badly damaged and eventually abandoned until its restoration in 1932 by Dr. Wilson Popenoe, a United Fruit Company scientist and his wife Dorothy. Every last detail has been authentically restored. The kitchen and servants' quarters have been carefully renovated, as well as the herb garden and the pigeon loft, which would have provided the original occupants with their mail service. Dr. Popenoe died in 1972 but two of his daughters still live in the house.

01-Garden-Fountain1 02-Parlor 03-Garden-ShrimpPlant 04-Kitchen-China
01-Garden-Fountain1.jpg         02-Parlor.jpg         03-Garden-ShrimpPlant.jpg         04-Kitchen-China.jpg        
05-Garden-Geraniums 06-Kitchen-Ovens 07-PigeonLoft 08-Garden-Fountain2
05-Garden-Geraniums.jpg         06-Kitchen-Ovens.jpg         07-PigeonLoft.jpg         08-Garden-Fountain2.jpg        

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