San Antonio Aguas Calientes
photos by Lois and Don Porter

To date, we have visited San Antonio Aguas Calientes twice. It is a small town located 14 km. southwest of Antigua, toward the volcanoes Fuego and Acatenango. It is well known locally for the fine double-sided weaving the women create using back-strap looms. On January 11th we went to visit the Mercado de Artesanias (Handicraft Market) to appreciate the weaving. The town park was deserted. Our second trip, on January 20, was to witness the official beginning of the 2003 public school year. The national Minister of Education chose San Antonio Aguas Calientes to make his remarks and hold the ceremonies officially opening the school year. The local marimba band "Teclas Chapines" played as well as the Sacatepequez State Band. A small group of demonstrators were on hand to demand improved pay for teachers, more nutritious food for the students, and more timely school supplies, etc. All the schools in town were present for the ceremonies, with the children neatly lined up in their uniforms, and the teachers well-dressed in their suits. The general public appeared to listen politely, perhaps with a few doubts about the trustworthiness of the oratory.

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01-Jan11-Fountain 02-Jan11-Church 03-Jan11-MercadoArtesania 04-Jan11-BackstrapLoom
01-Jan11-Fountain.jpg         02-Jan11-Church.jpg         03-Jan11-MercadoArtesania.jpg         04-Jan11-BackstrapLoom.jpg        
05-Jan11-LoisAndWeaver 06-Jan11-Fountain 07-Jan11-Weaver1 08-Jan11-Weaver2
05-Jan11-LoisAndWeaver.jpg         06-Jan11-Fountain.jpg         07-Jan11-Weaver1.jpg         08-Jan11-Weaver2.jpg        
09-Jan11-Volcano 10-Jan20-Marimba 11-Jan20-Church 12-Jan20-ChurchPerch
09-Jan11-Volcano.jpg         10-Jan20-Marimba.jpg         11-Jan20-Church.jpg         12-Jan20-ChurchPerch.jpg        

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