Francisco Marroquin University
photos by Lois and Don Porter

The beautiful campus of the Francisco Marroquin University is located in an upscale section of Guatemala City. The campus houses two very attractive and fascinating museums: Ixchel Museum, of textiles and handicrafts, and Popol Vuh Museum, of Mayan artifacts -- especially pottery from pre-hispanic times. The campus also houses the FLAAR Digital Imaging Center, where Don is doing some volunteer work while we are in Guatemala. The Director, Nicholas Hellmuth, is here only part of the time. The full-time administrator of the center is Cindy Shepherd.

01-IxchelMuseum 02-Library1 03-Library2 04-Library3
01-IxchelMuseum.jpg         02-LibraryLandscaping1.jpg         03-LibraryLandscaping2.jpg         04-LibraryLandscaping3.jpg        
05-Library4 06-CindyAndDon    
05-LibraryLandscaping4.jpg         06-CindyAndDon.jpg        

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